Parents’ Nursery School:
A play-based cooperative nursery school

Central to the philosophy of PNS is a strong faith in children—that given a warm and supportive atmosphere, respect, and freedom from unnecessary adult pressures, a child’s natural curiosity is the greatest impetus to his intellectual development. A child’s need to give and receive love is the strongest stimulus in his social and emotional growth. Parents’ Nursery School strives to reinforce children’s self-esteem, concern for others, and eagerness to learn.

CircleParents’ Nursery School was incorporated in 1947 as a non-profit, integrated, play-based, cooperative preschool. The nursery school is owned and run by a corporation consisting of the parents, the director, and the teachers.

PNS is a historic institution, working for over 60 years to build a strong foundation for our children’s future. Explore our website to find out more about our community and the wonderful educational experience that is available for your child at Parents’ Nursery School.

Watch our PNS documentary below and get a great preview of what PNS is about.


Parents' Nursery School, Cambridge, MA

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