A Parent Cooperative

Parents’ Nursery School is a parent cooperative, consisting of families who all work together to make sure the school runs smoothly and the necessary tasks get done. The more equally these responsibilities are shared, the healthier and happier the school will be. The cooperative also fosters a profound sense of community, and has made the school a vibrant institution of west Cambridge since the 1940s.

The basic commitment expected of every family is as follows:

  • Parent Helping
    Arrive at the school promptly at 8.30 a.m. and parent help until 12:30, then clean the school until 1:00 p.m. Families parent help approximately every 3 weeks.
  • All-Family Saturday Work Days
    One parent from each family come together to work as a group during a morning or an afternoon shift. There is a fall work day and a spring work day.
  • Officers/Parent Committees
    One family member serves as an officer on the PNS Cooperative Executive Committee, or has a job in one of the parent committees: Events, Community Relations, Educational Resources, Maintenance and Supply, PNS Librarian, Marketing, or Internet Coordinator.